The 3 top mistakes made in LinkedIn video

If you want to get more views and reactions to your native LinkedIn video, then you need to avoid these 3 most common mistakes:

Mistake #1: Making Introduction at the beginning of the LinkedIn Video

It is redundant because your credentials are displayed above the video in your profile’s header. By introducing yourself you lose time and precious attention of the viewer. At the beginning of the video the attention is high, but it drops after a couple of seconds. Many viewers abandon the video after just a couple of seconds.

  • Put your best content first to keep your viewers watching the video

Mistake # 2: The message is unclear. What’s in it for me?

What problem do you want to solve? Ok, you say – it’s not about the problem, it is just an update from the conference I’m attending. Ok, then tell us what’s the conference is about: give a little roundup, or share your take-aways – make it interesting and relevant to your viewers.

  • Remember the unconsious question each viewer has: What’s in it for me?

Mistake # 3: There is no way we can connect with you when you end your video

What is the next step people who liked and got interested in what you say should do when you finish your video? Shall they expect the next video next week, or see more or sign up or there is something else you want them to do? It is not about being sale-sleazy. It is just a good manner to leave the contact information for those who want to stay in contact with you.  

To summarise: 

  • Drop greetings and introduction and put your best content upfront
  • Make the content relevant to your viewers – What’s in it for me?
  • End with a Call to Action – offer a way your viewers can follow up with you. 


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